Your Amazon Public Profile Link

How to find your Amazon Public Profile Link and enter it on the registration form.

Your Amazon profile link is required for you to be eligible to receive FREE products for review from Chemo Fashion Scarf. 

Go to, go to the “Your Account” tab in the top menu. Then click on the link for “Your Account” in the drop down menu.



This will take you to “your account” page. Scroll down the page to the section titled “Personalization”

Within the Personalization section, click on the link “Your Public Profile” which is under the “Community” category.


Copy (Command/Ctrl C) the URL on the top of the browser page and paste (Command/Ctrl P) the link into the required field on your Chemo Fashion Scarf registration form.

Make sure you copy the whole link address including the and the ID at the end.


PRO TIP: We highly reccomend filling out your amazon profile fully while you are on the page on amazon. This will help Chemo Fashion Scarf get to know you and will also result in better review